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Meet Sara

Sewing is my passion. It amazes me what can be done with a little love and the right tools. It allows me to go and find my happy place when things just don’t seem to be going right. Face it, with 5 children in the home, not everything is going to be absolutely perfect. So when I just need a moment to help the culture of our home, I step away and enter into my sewing room – my happy place. Let us help you be able to discover your happy place too.

  • 4H volunteer for teaching sewing construction.
  • Passionate about teaching children how to sew - a quickly disappearing art.

Who We Are.
What We Do.

I’ve poured my heart into a project for days, just to come back later to a project that didn’t last.  Since that time, I have vowed to use high quality designer fabric.

It’s important if you are wanting to create a lasting keepsake to start with good fabric.  We bring you great fabric at a price that makes you smile.

Helping you find your happy place faster.

We are here to help you